Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Updates to the Wharton Society site

I've been updating the bibliographies and links to Wharton's texts at the Edith Wharton Society site. Among these updates are links to Wharton's books available through Google books.

One annoyance is that the publishers (like Kessinger) who make a profit packaging and reselling free content come up first on any search, even though their so-called "editions" only provide snippets instead of the whole text. This is particularly annoying because the entire edition is available for free elsewhere.

To get to the real first editions instead of the useless clutter of for-profit print-on-demand editions, you need to click on the "Full Content" link. If only eBay could also provide a way of cutting out the spamlike "packaging free content for profit" publishers, their results would be better.

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