Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Studies in American Fiction starting up again

Good news for Americanists: The journal Studies in American Fiction, which had shut down in the fall of 2008, is starting up again under the auspices of Johns Hopkins University Press and Project Muse.

Although the Northeastern University web site says that back issues may be available through IRIS (, they aren't there yet.  You can find SAF online for free (some issues) at and for a fee at ($) and Highbeam Research via or AccessMyLibrary ($).


Amanda Rust said...

I'm the English and American Lit librarian here at Northeastern, and wanted to send you a quick update: we now have articles from a few recent Studies in American Fiction issues up at

We're really proud to be hosting these back issues and hope to include more articles in the future, so many thanks for the blog mention.

D. Campbell said...

Thanks! I'll post this on the blog.