Tuesday, May 15, 2007

1910 Magazines

I've added a link to the December 1910 project (of the Modernist Journals Project) to the 1910 Timeline page. This site has very nice .pdf files of several magazines published within a year of December 1910 (of Virginia Woolf's famous pronouncement). Here are the magazines:

The Atlantic Monthly, Dec. 1910
The Bookman, Nov. 1910
Cosmopolitan, June, 1911
The Forum, Dec. 1910
Fry's Magazine, Dec. 1910
Harper's Magazine, Jan. 1911
The Lady's Realm, Jan 1911
The National Geograhic, June 1910
Scribner's Magazine, Feb. 1910
The Smart Set, Mar. 1910
The Strand, Nov. 1910
The Weekly Tale-Teller, Jan 6, 1911
The Windsor Magazine, Dec. 1911


Kay said...

I am trying to find copies of the following magazines:
The All-Story Magazine 1910/1911
Short Stories 1910/1911
My grandfather, Alfred Williams wrote stories that were published in these magazines.
Can you help me to find them?
Thanks, Kay Flanagan

D. Campbell said...

Is he this Alfred Williams? http://www.philsp.com/homeville/fmi/s3690.htm

I tried Google Books but didn't see those issues. Your best bet might be to try WorldCat to see if a library has those issues available. Here's the entry for All-Story: http://www.worldcat.org/title/all-story-weekly/oclc/55974773&referer=brief_results