Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Site is changing servers

Over the next few weeks, I'll be moving all the sites from http://www.gonzaga.edu/faculty/campbell/index.html to http://www.wsu.edu/~campbelld/index.html. I'll be using automatic redirecting to send visitors automatically to the new page, so I hope the transition will be painless.

All of the American literature pages will be going into one directory (http://www.wsu.edu/~campbelld/amlit), so that should solve the problems of updating; I've sometimes had author pages in three different directories and have occasionally forgotten to update one when I updated the others . The filenames will all stay the same.

The old class sites for English 102 and English 270 will stay on the Gonzaga site, but the Crane Society, Howells Society (http://www.howellssociety.org or http://www.gonzaga.edu/howells) and Wharton Society (http://www.edithwhartonsociety.org or http://www.gonzaga.edu/wharton) will also move.

The reason? I've moved from being an associate professor of English at Gonzaga University to being an associate professor of English at Washington State University.

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