Monday, May 16, 2005

Redesign of Howells Society Site

I've continued to work on the Wharton Society site and have also redone the Howells Society site. Some of the pages still need work, but the Wharton Society has officially been relocated. The new design makes parts of the site that were previously somewhat hidden easier to find--the works of each author, for example, and the resources for students and teachers.

How long did it take? About 12 hours for the initial redesign of the Wharton Society site and about 8 for the Howells Society. I've spent 12 more hours a day on this after completing both sites by last Friday. The American lit site, too, is being updated and moved.

The new typeface (font?) is small but clear, so I hope that everyone can read it. I'm holding off on redoing the Crane Society site until I get feedback from people about these sites.

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D. Campbell said...

Yes, this would be faster if I could use .asp or ColdFusion or whatever, but I don't know how, so the sites are getting updated one page at a time.